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Canada is one of the most sought places for completing educational high school exchange program in the world. International students are enjoying Canada's rich culture with multi-diversity as well as efficient and effective school system. Those international students who enroll in high school in Canada get the chance to attend private or public school and live with a friendly and kind Canadian host family.


Nacel is offering a wide range of Canadian exchange programs all over the country. The six main destinations offering educational opportunities include Manitoba, Greater Toronto, Nova Scotia, Saskatchewan, Prince Edward Island and Quebec. The different exchange programs available in Canada include credited programs, IB programs, non-credited programs, bilingual programs and Hockey high school program. The highlights of studying in Canada under an exchange program include eight weeks to a full year academic programs; availability of credit and non-credit programs; six provinces offering exchange programs with their own history, distinct landscapes and welcoming people to waiting to be explored; international students can attend private or public high school; exchange student can live with a welcoming host family; and the price includes transfers from the airport to the address of the host's family. Canada's program specific requirements are as follows: exchange student applicants must be between fifteen and seventeen years of age; with minimum two years study of the English language; must be a secondary student in their home country, and not completed more than 11 years of combined primary and secondary studies. For options in Australia, you can check out


Canada is offering two exchange programs which are non-credit program and credit program. For those who just want to experience Canadian culture not requiring credits then a non-credit program is best for them at a lower cost. Those exchange students who choose this option get to study in different schools placed by Nacel Canada. Exchange students get their report card on a term basis (without a signature and school stamp). Official transcript of records is given to grade 12 with all the grading marks from 10, 11 and 12. For credit programs, exchange students gain credits during their high school exchange program in Canada, with full payment of international tuition fees, thus higher in cost. Exchange students can choose any school and can apply their credits for their subsequent school grading system or for applying entrance for university or college studies. Great opportunities are also given to exchange students to study in two prestigious and excellent schools in Nova Scotia and Halifax. Come and check out Nacel high school exchange programs now! Go to to get started. 


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